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OPD Considerations

OPD employs various models to classify users of its services. Regardless of the specific model chosen, all individuals who utilise our services are considered as employees and are classified based on several criteria, including the following minimum factors:

  • All users of OPD services are treated as employees.

  • Users have the option to select from different operating models offered by OPD.

  • The classification of employees is influenced by factors such as the type of employment and engagement considerations.

  • The classification of employees is determined by existing employment regulations and prevailing tax rules.

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OPD, a provider of outsourcing services, offers a wide range of solutions in various areas, including:

  • Payroll outsourcing

  • Bookkeeping outsourcing

  • Business training outsourcing

  • Church management outsourcing

  • Charity management outsourcing

  • Providing OPD personnel for contracts

  • Umbrella entity operations for contractors

  • International recruitment and expat services

  • Recruitment agency services for permanent and contract positions

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OPD, a consulting firm, offers your business a range of dedicated solutions tailored to your specific requirements and needs. We have a team of specialised consultants and contractors who are part of our organisation. Each employee at OPD holds the position of a functional director, commensurate with their level of expertise, and is allocated shares accordingly. Our employees are enrolled in a periodic PAYE scheme and receive dividends based on their activity and performance.

Business Team


We specialise in personnel management services, covering recruitment for various sectors and management levels. Our considerations include the following:

  • We provide OPD employees as consultants for our clients.

  • We facilitate the engagement of contractors, who can be independent individuals operating as self-employed or through a limited liability company.

  • We offer umbrella company arrangements to meet the HMRC IR35 requirements.

  • We assist contractors who are based outside the UK or work for entities located outside the UK.

  • We recruit on behalf of UK employers and handle initial processes, and including interviews.


OPD specialises in recruiting for international clients and consultants seeking opportunities outside of the UK. This falls outside the scope of IR35 regulations and can often be a cost-effective solution for both employers and consultants. Consultants have the flexibility to be based in the UK or outside of it. We take into account tax implications to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your specific situation.

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Umbrella Company Scope

OPD specialises in helping employment agencies, employers, and contractors comply with IR35 rules. We operate an Umbrella Company, in collaboration with PMCT Accountants & Consultants, to ensure full compliance. Contractors have the option to be treated more like employees, offering relief from the impact of IR35. However, it's important to note that the umbrella company market is unregulated, and there is no legal definition for this term in company law. Participants are not compelled to use a specific regulated umbrella company. We provide guidance and support to ensure compliance with IR35 regulations.


We offer expertise services for personnel management including recruitment for all sectors and levels of management. Our scope of consideration includes:

  • OPD Employees as Consultants for our clients

  • Contractor as Independent personnel as self employed or through Limited liability company

  • Umbrella Company as an arrangement for meeting HMRC IR35 requirements

  • As Contractor living outside the UK or within UK working for entities outside UK

  • Recruit for employers in UK whereby we carry out initial process include interviews 

UK Contracting Outside IR35

OPD would recruit for employers looking for contractors for specific roles. We have pool of candidates awaiting for opportunity of best fit to their stated preferences. The role must be outside IR35 to be classified as Self Employment or through Personal Service Company. We encourage you to take a seat with OPD and be assured of full compliance. We work closely with PMCT Accountants & Accountants.

Account Preparation & Guaranteed Tax Filing

OPD considerations include ensuring contractors are strategically managed with tax consideration as self employed or with contractor own limited company. OPD third option is for contractor to be employed directly by OPD as employee. The employer engaging contractor has total peace on mind knowing resolutions to tax related matters are resolved by PMCT Accountants & Consultants

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Effective data processing and record keeping are crucial aspects of business management. At OPD, we provide unique and specialised services designed specifically to meet your regulatory, compliance, and management needs. Our dedicated teams are equipped to handle various tasks such as bookkeeping, payroll management, and ensuring compliance for non-profit entities. This includes managing gift aid claims and assisting with grant applications.

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Outsource Bookkeeping

Business owners and leaders must decide whether to handle activity recordings and account management in-house or outsource them, considering factors such as cost, safety, security, integrity, efficiency, and control. OPD provides professional services tailored to meet your bookkeeping and account management needs. We aim to alleviate financial uncertainty and stress, delivering on our promises with excellence.


Outsource Payroll Management

Our payroll specialists are dedicated to managing your payroll process and ensuring timely payment to employees. We provide tailored solutions for payroll management, pension auto-enrolment, and compliance reporting, addressing your business needs. Our cost-effective approach frees you from payroll worries, allowing you to focus on core business processes.


We provide specialized services for data processing, record-keeping, and compliance to meet your business needs. Our dedicated teams handle bookkeeping, payroll, and non-profit entity compliance, including gift aid claims and grant applications. Choose the level of professional support you need, from outsourcing services for various areas to strategy consultancy. Our consultancy expertise covers compliance, growth strategies, risk management, and leadership training for businesses of all sizes and locations. Additionally, we offer tailored financial and tax strategies for churches and charities.

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Outsource Church Management

With over 150 years of combined experience in church management, we offer specialised solutions. Our software streamlines the recording of member contributions, expenses, budgeting, and gift aid claims. We also provide project management expertise, assisting churches with building purchases and investment strategies.

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Outsource Charity Management

We offer comprehensive administrative support and ensure compliance with Charity Commission regulations. Our tailored packages cover grant applications, gift aid claims, trustees and board management, and annual filing with Charity Commission, Companies House, and HMRC.


We specialise in providing training services to businesses and individuals, enabling them to acquire knowledge and expertise. Our dedicated training teams are committed to helping you develop the necessary skills to achieve your goals and objectives. We allocate a portion of our resources to regularly train our employees in their respective fields and other disciplines, enhancing their employment value for our clients.

Business Management Training

We offer tailored courses and training programs that leverage new technologies to enhance your online presence and gain a competitive advantage. With our expertise and years of experience, we equip individuals to reach their full potential. Our facilitators are professionals with practical experience in their respective fields. Our focus is not only on maintaining an online presence but also on encouraging clients to think and act globally.

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Risk Management Training

Our team of consultants and trainers helps businesses achieve their goals through risk and resource management solutions. We offer training, consulting, project management, and software development services. With expertise in business ownership, accounting, investment banking, strategy consulting, risk management, software development, and IT, we are well-equipped to meet your needs.


With years of experience in specialised tasks, OPD assists in processing data from initiation to compliance reports. Our consultants and contractor employees are entitled to compensation under the PAYE system, participation in the pension scheme, career development opportunities, holiday options, skill-enhancing training, and up to 10 days of paid sick leave (subject to management consideration). Permanent hires through OPD agency are not considered OPD employees.

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We offer various registration options for you to consider. You can register with OPD as:

  • An employer looking for candidates or consultants to fulfill specific tasks.

  • An employee of OPD. Successful candidates have the opportunity to become OPD consultants.

  • A contractor seeking local or international contracts through our employment agency.

  • An individual looking for short to medium-term employment through our umbrella company.

Register as Business for OPD Services

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Register as Candidate for Outsource Personnel

To register as an individual client or become an OPD member, please click on the button below to access and complete the OPD registration form for individuals.

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