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We offer expertise services for personnel management including recruitment for all sectors and levels of management. Our scope of consideration includes:

  • OPD Employees as Consultants for our clients

  • Contractor as Independent personnel as self employed or through Limited liability company

  • Umbrella Company as an arrangement for meeting HMRC IR35 requirements

  • As Contractor living outside the UK or within UK working for entities outside UK

  • Recruit for employers in UK whereby we carry out initial process include interviews 

Services: Services
Jumping Off the Plane
Engaging OPD For Expats Services

We help manage risk and achieve certainty

Relocating to another country is associated with elements of uncertainty. At OPD we go far beyond securing employment and employee for business and expats. Post relocation, we undertake periodic reviews with employer and expats to ensure all involved are realising and enjoying promised benefits of undertaking assignment.

Road and Bridge Network


OPD offers services to Expats directly or through trusted third-parties. Services offered includes:

  • Financial and Banking Services  

  • Legal Services with OPD partners

  • Handyman for supports and assistance

  • Education solution for Expat family members

  • Investment Advice to improve on opportunities 

  • General Insurance, Health Services and Care Services

  • Forex Services to improve financial requirements in desired legacy currencies

All Hands In
Expats Recruitment Services

OPD operations extends to many countries especially African countries. Technology advancements allows businesses to engage services of employees and contractors worldwide. OPD would assist businesses recruit individuals needed.

Couple with Kids

OPD goes beyond providing employment, we ensures expatriates are provided with relevant expats services including cultural value systems. 

Successful Work Team

Moving & Relocation Services

We help manage Relocation & Setllement

This is probably a core relocation event, yet it is very stressful. When relocating to or from another country it requires careful logistics and delivery transportation planning.

People Working in Open Office
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Booking Travel & Visas Services

We have relevant network to help you

Traveling to and from many destinations would be part of Expats lifestyle. We have associates and partners to process visas and traveling documents needed by Expats. OPD offers services to High Net Worth and international tax planning through PMCT Accountants & Consultants

Windows on airplanes
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Forex, Banking & Investment

Financial Management and Support

Expats are exposed to foreign exchange risk and users of OPD service would be supported on how to effectively manage Forex exposure. We help our Expats obtain expected bank accounts, transfer of funds between countries and investment strategy consideration.

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Health, Social Care & Security

Personal Care and Security is Important

Residing in any country has few exposures regarding health, social care and security concerns for Expats and their families. For many countries OPD has relations to manage affairs of OPD Expats and their family members needs with foreign country of residence.

Image by Carlos Gil

Education & Training

Build Capacity to Remain Relevant

OPD helps Expats settle well in another country. We would assist Expats find schools for their children. Accepting foreign assignment offers many opportunities but nothing is guaranteed hence we encourage and suggest training needs to enhance and equip users of OPD services with needed skills to meet future employment needs.

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Within Country Help

You needs beyond employment offer

Moving to another country entails more than just being engaged. OPD provides needed support for businesses and individuals regarding cultural norms, values, and influences. OPD Expats services offers businesses and individuals opportunities to overcoming cultural differences and challenges.

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High Net Worth & Tax Plans

Gains of Hard Work must be protected

We understand the need to manage wealth and risk associated with investment. OPD works closely with financial specialists and have the knowhow to help manage and protect individual assets.

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