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Included in OPD services is an hour of free of Consultancy with PMCT Accountants & Consultants. OPD charges and management fee deductions are made simpler to understand. Moreover, all relevant deductions are considered to cover applicable personal and business taxes. OPD Umbrella Company team also works with a number of recruitment agencies whereby we manage Umbrella Company compensation process. We are normally recommended by recruitment agencies to individuals or individuals would recommend OPD Umbrella Company to recruitment agencies.

Decorated Umbrellas

Umbrella Company Under IR35

OPD Umbrella Company operates comprehensive remuneration package to ensure as employees participants are not disadvantaged. OPD Umbrella Company contractors are engaged under PAYE scheme and relevant deductions at source including income tax, employee national insurance, pensions and student loans (if applicable) are considered. Employees offered option of paid holidays, reimbursed approved training expenses and other relevant expenses, performance end of year dividend if qualified for employees share scheme, and all statutory entitlements are observed.


Individuals affected by IR35 imposing rules are offered assistance as OPD - Recruitment Agency would seek for contract employment for individuals, and OPD Umbrella Company will takeover with managing compensation scheme for individual on employment contract . 

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It must be noted, the term Umbrella Company is not defined as legitimate entity type by Company Acts nor by HMRC. Any attempt by any group or entity to convince you about accreditation of an Umbrella Company does not legitimate such claim.

OPD Umbrella Company - Process

A Career With OPD Umbrella Company


OPD would provide you with further assistance than any would be existing or would be Umbrella Company. PMCT Accountants & Consultants would complete and file your Self-assessment for you regarding your Umbrella Company consideration with OPD at no cost to you. Other tax considerations including rented properties and capital gains tax would be considered by PMCT Accountants & Consultants at most competitive price for you. 

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