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As part of OPD's services, clients receive an hour of complimentary consultancy with PMCT Accountants & Consultants. We strive to ensure transparency and clarity in our charges and management fee deductions. Additionally, we take into account all relevant deductions to cover both personal and business taxes as applicable.


The OPD Umbrella Company team collaborates with various recruitment agencies to handle the compensation process for umbrella company engagements. It is common for recruitment agencies to recommend OPD Umbrella Company to individuals, and vice versa, as individuals often recommend us to recruitment agencies. This mutual referral system fosters strong partnerships and trusted relationships within the industry.

Decorated Umbrellas

Umbrella Company Under IR35

The OPD Umbrella Company implements a comprehensive remuneration package to ensure that employees who participate are not at a disadvantage. Contractors engaged under the OPD Umbrella Company operate under the PAYE scheme, and relevant deductions, such as income tax, employee national insurance, pensions, and student loans (if applicable), are taken into account at the source. Additionally, employees are provided with the option of paid holidays, reimbursement of approved training expenses, coverage of other relevant expenses, potential performance-based end-of-year dividends through the employee share scheme (if eligible), and adherence to all statutory entitlements.


OPD Umbrella Company - Process

OPD offers support to individuals impacted by IR35 regulations. As a Recruitment Agency, we assist them in securing contract employment opportunities, while our OPD Umbrella Company oversees the management of their compensation schemes within the framework of their employment contracts.

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A Career With OPD Umbrella Company

It is crucial to emphasise that the term "Umbrella Company" does not have a defined legal status according to the Company Acts or HMRC regulations. Therefore, any group or entity attempting to persuade you of their accreditation as an Umbrella Company should not be regarded as legitimate based solely on such assertions.


OPD goes beyond the typical offerings of an Umbrella Company by providing extensive assistance. We have a close partnership with PMCT Accountants & Consultants, who will handle the completion and filing of your Self-assessment related to your consideration of working with OPD's Umbrella Company, and this service is provided to you at no cost.


Furthermore, PMCT Accountants & Consultants will also address other tax considerations you may have, such as rented properties and capital gains tax, at a highly competitive price that is advantageous for you. We prioritize offering comprehensive support and favorable pricing to ensure your tax-related needs are met effectively.

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